Joining NMARC is a good way to meet potential teammates for your first or next adventure race. The teams featured here generally have raced together as such at least once and generally train together too. Teams are formed on an informal basis and any member(s) can add their team to this web page by submitting a photo and profile to the webmaster.  Solo racers are also welcome to submit their profile.

Team New Mexico Red Or Green: Steve Prickett

Photo: Deb and Steve ready to paddle at Adventure Xstream Durango, June 12, 2018.

Team NM Red or Green is a team led by Captain Steve Prickett. Steve is an accomplished racer who has completed Primal Quest Montana 2010 and is proficient in all the skills needed to complete any length of adventure race. He races with a wide roster of racers and is dedicated to teaching adventure racing rookies. See the “About NMARC: Officers” page for his contact information.

Team Sweet & Sour: Steven Nevin, Paula Prescott, Kim Strong and Jason Taylor

Photo: Jason Taylor and Paul Prescott, half of Team Sweet & Sour, relax after the intraclub race hosted by Team Gekos at Bear Canyon, April 18, 2004.

Team Sweet & Sour are a coed elite team captained by seasoned adventure racer, Steven Nevin. They placed 20th in the Adventure Xstream Moab race March 27, 2004.

Team SCAT” Happens: Chris and Gidget Hall

As Team “SCAT” Happens, we are new members to the NMARC, and to the adventure racing arena. We live in Sandia Heights and are very active. We ski, board, run and ride. Have three kids and stay busy ALL the time. We have yet to assign an “official” team captain, but together we make an excellent team in life and love.

We hope to gain extensive knowledge about this exciting sport and as a result, become even fitter and healthier. We are also very excited to be sharing this experience with some of our good (favorite) friends. Our first year’s goal is to finish each race better then the first and enter at least one 6-12 hour race.

Any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated!

Just get out there and do it!