Some of the best cardio exercises can be done at home

It is actually a boring thing to do exercise at home within a boundary of four walls. Due to that reason many people go to gym centers or yoga centers or somewhere like doing Zumba or any other types of exercises. Thus doing exercises outside home is also becoming much more expensive than doing in the home. To make it much more interesting to do exercise at home you need to make your will power strong and by making any particular room exercise friendly you can start doing exercises at home. Now if you really want to keep yourself much more energetic then you must do the cardio exercises at home. There are lot of cardio exercises that you will be able to do at home in a very skillful way. Thus some of the types of the cardio exercise has been discussed below:

Jumping jacks

It is actually a matter of jumping on the feet while doing circular movement of the arms, overhead and then the back. This exercise burns out almost 100 calories within just a ten minutes. Doing this exercise does not need any particular ambience. Instead of that for doing this you should have a nice pair of sport shoe, a healthy heart and a well built floor. There are some of the drawbacks of doing jump Jack that it might highly put an effect on the joints of the knee or ankle, or you may also get rewind of the school’s gym class memories. If you find out some problem while doing this exercise, then you can also opt for plyo-jacks i.e. by stepping out the feet by grabbing any sorts of medicine ball or you might also do push up jacks.

Jump Rope

This is that type of exercise where you have to turn your rope and goes on jumping in that flow and in the same time you can also sing any song which is completely optional. If you start doing this exercise, then you can burn out almost 220 calories within just 20 minutes. This workout is not at all expensive, you can also take your rope and travel anywhere and also do not require any kind of efficiency. To do this you just only need to have a jumping rope, good shoes and also calmness. Firstly, you have to put high effort and keep on practicing this exercise because this might put a strain on your body in the first phase. There are also some alternatives like simply jumping on the foot or by alternating the feet.

Jogging in Place

Get a top treadmill and do it from home. This exercise is nothing but running in the same stagnant position. If you constantly do this exercise, then you will be able to loose a high amount of calories per day. This exercise also does not need anything more than just a well built floor and nice shoes. There are no such side effects of doing this exercise.

Thus I would conclude by saying that this are some of the best cardio exercises which can be practiced by anyone with a strong will power and patience.