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 The Event Calendar has been moved to our Meetup Site

For those who are looking at our calendar activities we have classified them into three catagories:  

Event - this activity can be a training session, just some exercise, some specific skill workout, education session that involves some lecture, but mostly physical work on a skill.  It can involve more than one descipline, like mountain biking and hiking.  There are no time clocks and rankings - this is not a race.  Level of difficulty will be posted on the description of the event. Estimated time will also be posted unless it's a first time event.   Click here for a detailed description of event skill level guidelines.

Clinic - This can be a lecture format or hands on, or both.  A clinic is designed to educate the member on a specific skill.  For example:  Beginning Mountain Biking, Bike repair, or Orienteering.  Sometimes Clinics are offered first, then proceeded by an Event.  

Race - As the name implies, this is a competition.  Time is kept and rankings awarded.  Fun races imply that the competition aspect is mild and emphasis is on learning HOW to complete.  Estimated time and difficulty will be posted so Racers can determine if they feel qualified to race.  For example: the Placitas Silver Mine Fun Bike/Hike, 1 hour.  Everyone is expected to finish.  Good introduction race to learn the basics.