Club Captains

NMARC is looking for volunteers to lead training sessions.  We need beginners, intermediates, and advanced Adventure Racers.  It’s a great chance to train, meet others who love the outdoors and help the club.  If you agree to become a Club Captain  NMARC will:

  • Pay for your First Aid training and certificate($35 value)
  • Give you training on how to lead a successful training session.
  • Will not be responsible if you meet nice people who like to train also
  • May pay for advanced training or certificates in a field as needed.
  • Give you a $5 credit towards next years membership dues.
  • Free T-shirt

In turn, the NMARC will ask the Club Captain to lead at least one training session each calendar quarter, for one year.  Training sessions can include, but are not limited to: hiking, trekking, running, mountain biking, paddling, orienteering, or a combination of the above disciplines.  A training session is a one day, or half day event.  It can take place on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.  Sessions can be entry level or advanced, depending upon the leader’s skill.  If you are interested contact Steve Prickett.

Club Captains 2018

The following members have been approved the board to lead one training session per quarter:

  • Kim Kavasch
  • Jeff Hunker
  • Steve Prickett

In the coming year you will be hearing or seeing their names on the Club Meetup Calendar to host/lead a training session for the Club.  All skill levels are represented, covering various disciplines.  In some cases this will be a first time for these individuals to lead any kind of training session.  So, please give at least one of these a try.  Nobody likes to show up to lead a training session and no one else shows up.

Racing Committee

NMARC Racing Committee formed to anchor training & racing
In order to appeal to all levels of our club, we divided the Racing Committee into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Champions. Each Champion is responsible for the communication on racing and training for that level. Those who have recently joined can feel comfortable talking with the person who most closely represents their current skill and knowledge level. There is no formal definition of each level–each person is free to assess this for himself or herself. Everyone has an opportunity to improve at their current level and to reach for the next level.