Welcome to the New Mexico Adventure Racing Club!

It’s the start of a brand new season and the NMARC board is excited for the 2018 season. We are still charging membership dues of $40/racer and no more individual race entry fees. We are going to offer 9 – 10 events which will either be clinics, mock races or other types of training for club members and not available to the general public. We are cutting back on our permitting efforts in order to encourage other club members to put on events for other club members.

Or if you prefer to go through our partner at newmexicosportsonline.com, you can pay dues through this link.

We are charging dues so we can:

  • Cover Meetup and website costs
  • Encourage more engaged members
  • Provide supplies or equipment(lend out compasses, UTM grids, etc)
  • Helps pay for club event insurance
  • Print out maps, passports and punch cards
  • Buy food and swag

You can pay online here (link to be updated). Once you sign up for dues, you will be automatically billed each year. You will always be reminded before each charge, and you can cancel your dues at any time.

You still need your own mountain bike which shouldn’t cost you more than $1,000 if you follow the online reviews.

Your dues are used exclusively for club activities. NMARC is a non-profit and all NMARC board members(Kim K, Jeff H, Steve P, Tracy P, Carlos P and Jeff E) serve as volunteers.

Questions and comments are welcome! Please email us through Meetup or through nmarclub@gmail.com and we will respond promptly.

The Sport of Adventure Racing
Adventure racing is comprised of several different sports or disciplines such as trail running, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, repelling, kayaking,  mountaineering, orienteering and other adventurous sports. The number of disciplines in a race varies from just two or three to many depending on the race’s length and location. Typically, these races are completed by teams of two to four members that are required to complete the entire race together.